Ten Mistakes U.S. Businesses Make Shipping to Canada

U.S. businesses frequently underestimate the complexity of expanding to Canada, and make the process harder than it has to be!


One Pennsylvania-based musical instrument manufacturer was surprised when U.S. Customs questioned whether or not the wood used in some of its products was eligible for export.  Another business, a Tennessee-based health products manufacturer was shocked by the high cost of shipping, only to learn that its U.S.-based logistics provider was sending its products to Canada – via air!  These are two examples of the types of mishaps that occur regularly as U.S. businesses seek to expand to the Canadian market.


From misjudging the complexity of the border clearance process to failing to take into account important Canadian demographics, many businesses have had their hopes dashed for a seamless entry to Canada.   A new white paper from Purolator International, “Ten Mistakes U.S. Businesses make when Shipping to Canada,” discusses some of the most common errors, and offers insight about the importance of using a logistics provider that has strong ties to Canada, and a deep understanding of that market’s nuances.

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