Leveraging cross-border expertise for the return journey

Almost 60% of consumers say that how a business handles returns is an important factor in determining if they will shop with that business in the future. It’s fair to say that a good returns management policy is a vital service between you and your customers. It’s a question of trust and consideration. A question for which we have the answer.

Our Returns Management program offers unmatched expertise in processing your Canadian customers’ returns by taking the complexity of coordinating and processing returns off your shoulders—and placing it squarely on ours. We know the Canadian market. And our extensive pick-up and distribution network throughout Canada enables access to the most remote regions of that country. Returns are processed quickly, and your customers appreciate the quick turnaround.

Additionally, our Returns Management program will provide insight into possible product defects or supply chain inefficiencies. By tracking all your Canada freight and parcels and evaluating your returns, your business will be able to offer customers a higher level of service and improved consumer satisfaction.

Advantage of our Returns Management Program

  • Allows businesses to recover a portion of costs associated with returns, by placing undamaged or refurbished goods for sale in secondary markets
  • Quick response to customer concerns through prompt product replacement or account credit
  • Insight into possible product design defects or supply chain inefficiencies
  • Better customer experience, which leads to higher retention rates

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Intra-Canada Consolidation

This option allows all of your Canadian returns to be sent to a single Purolator shipping location with your company name as the postal address. Returns will be consolidated and returned to your designated facility based on your level of need—weekly, monthly or as frequently as required. By consolidating returns into fewer shipments, your business will save time and money on U.S. and Canadian customs regulations and border clearance fees.

  • Flexibility in delivering consolidated returns shipments based on your needs and schedules
  • Consolidation of shipments means reduced shipping, customs and border clearance fees
  • Utilize duty and tax drawback programs to reduce transportation costs

Integrated Returns Material Authorization (RMA)

Our integrated RMA program offers a high degree of oversight for your returns and replacement process. Our logistics experts work with your operations staff to develop a pre-authorization process whereby customers can easily return products, while allowing you to track Canada and U.S. shipping returns volume, along with the reason codes. The RMA option enables greater control on inventory management— including repairs and replacements—by tracking products through the entire process.

  • Pre-authorization process that integrates directly with your customer service, repair and inventory management systems
  • High customer satisfaction levels with quick responses to repair and replacement requests
  • Trouble-shoot potential product defects by tracking volume and “reasons” for product returns

Your E-Returns

Customers appreciate making things easier for them. The E-Returns option offers an easy-to-use electronic interface through which returns labels can be pre-printed, and either included in outgoing packages or provided to customers via email. Purolator’s E-Returns program is a customer friendly choice that provides your customers with a simple and efficient returns process.

  • Easy-to-use electronic interface with pre-printed or emailed returns labels
  • Convenient scheduling of return pickups which simplifies returns process for customers

Contact us today at 1-888-511-4811 to learn more about the Purolator Returns Management program.