Expedited international shipping

If you have a shipment that must reach its destination in a specific time-frame, Purolator International has a wide variety of service level options to meet your needs. 

  • Our Expedited Forwarding is your best service choice for day definite delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada. Whether your freight shipment needs to be there in 1, 2, or 3 days., you can be confident that Purolator International will reliably deliver. 
  • And when your delivery needs are even more specific, or go beyond the U.S. and Canada, our Elite Service will meet those needs. This premium service gives you a single point of contact from quote through delivery to billing for customized delivery and enhanced customer service for any size shipment.

Why are we so confident we can meet your expedited shipping needs? Because we’re primarily a non-asset-based logistics provider in the United States, we can choose any transportation carrier that can most effectively get your shipment into our network, giving us access to transit times others don’t have and letting us provide you with dependability other companies can’t.

Plus, we have our own network of dedicated flights from the U.S. to Canada every night, providing even more flexibility and reliability.

When you choose Purolator International for your expedited international shipping, you have access to a network of the best transportation resources around the world. This provides you with the fastest, most effective route for getting your package where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Purolator International knows how to deliver the fastest shipping to Canada

Purolator International has been a trusted provider of world-class transportation for decades. All of our services include PuroTouch, which means you always have a dedicated customer representative at your disposal, ensuring we handle your shipments precisely as you need us to.

If your delivery needs are not time or day definite, we offer many other shipping options that are just as reliable and also include PuroTouch. Our goal is to find the shipping solution that’s best for your particular business. No matter the size of your shipments, their weight or your scheduling or budget needs, we are confident we can find that solution every time.

Contact Purolator International to learn more about expedited international shipping

Whether you need it overnight, within two-days or in a few days, we have the network to get the job done. Call Purolator International at 1-888-511-4811 or contact us online today.