Canada trade center resources

Canada and the United States have the most active trade border in the world. Understanding how the process works can equate to greater business opportunities for your company in both countries. Purolator International’s history of helping products cross the border gives us a depth of understanding of how importing and exporting works and how to help you streamline your supply chain accordingly.

  • United States/Canada trade – Our two countries trade more openly than any other neighbors in the world. Learn what makes the Canada/US shipping arrangement unique. 
  • Canadian market – If you want to operate in Canada, understanding its culture, people, and sources of national pride are key to bigger business results. 
  • Trade regulations – Even with an active border, shipping to Canada is still highly regulated. Let Purolator explain the Canadian customs regulations and tailor your shipments to bypass delays. 
  • Trade facilitation programs – Learn about the many American and Canadian programs designed to encourage shipping from USA to Canada and vice versa.