Managing Customs Procedures

To comply with regulations and safeguard against any holdups at the border, most companies are providing better training so employees are better informed on customs processes. In an era where training costs are high, however, some companies are outsourcing cross-border shipments to third parties and then letting those partners manage its complexities. By doing this, companies can rely on the expertise of others in easing border constraints. Going forward, some companies plan to adopt technology solutions (such as global trade management systems) to facilitate the customs clearance process. (Figure 6)



Currently, one out of every three organizations is using a transportation management system (TMS) to support its shipping operations. About 25% of firms are using import/export management systems or international TMS to oversee freight. Of those companies that are planning to implement or improve systems to better manage international freight shipments, global transportation management systems (GTM), supply chain visibility solutions, and TMS are the most popular choices. (Figure 7)


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