Expedited Air Service Solutions: Innovative Logistics Solutions for High-Value, Most-Urgent Shipments

Businesses in need of urgent logistics services for time-critical or high value shipments have long turned to expedited air options for guaranteed deliveries and premium attention to detail.  But a growing number of external factors – poor airport infrastructure, added regulatory checks and capacity issues – are jeopardizing service providers’ ability to ensure on-time service.  For example, only 18 percent of flights from Beijing airport – a critical hub for air cargo – leave on time. 


Fortunately, expeditors are adding innovative approaches to their services, to help ensure on-time service is available when needed.  Air charter services can be customized so that a flight plan bypasses congested airports and instead utilizes less-busy regional airports.  This new white paper from Purolator International, “Expedited Air Service:  Innovative Logistics Solutions for High-Value, Most-Urgent Shipments,” discusses this and other possibilities for achieving greater efficiency.

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