What Is White Glove Delivery Service & Is It Right For You?

What is white glove delivery service and is it right for you facebook

Businesses and individual consumers use white glove delivery services when they ship or receive products that require special care during processing, delivery and set up. These services often include optional add-ons, like assembly, installation, automatic shipments and more. 

While most people use white glove delivery service because they want peace of mind and assurance that their shipment is in good hands, many consumers appreciate the human touch that this type of shipment provides. 

What Is White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove” is a phrase used to describe excellence in care, service or attention. White glove delivery service is a method of shipping or receiving products that need more attention than regular parcels due to their size, value or fragility. White glove delivery experts are highly-trained and equipped with the ability to install and assemble your product on-site and use specialized equipment if necessary.

What is white glove delivery service

Depending on the company, white glove delivery services might include:

  • Inspections: Some services offer pre and post site inspections before assembling the shipped product, in case special configuration is needed during set up.
  • Protective packaging: White glove delivery services adhere to high standards that protect your package against damage by using premium packing materials like wooden crates, packing peanuts, styrofoam, movers wraps, bubble wrap, glass masks, cardboard and more. Steps are also taken to keep your shipment safe from movement during transport, as well as protection from moisture.
  • Delicate handling: Your shipment is treated with top-level care throughout the entire packaging, shipping, delivery and set up process. Packagers and drivers are trained to handle your product’s unique needs and take all special considerations into account.
  • Safe, clean transportation: Companies that provide white glove delivery services dispatch clean, safe shipping vehicles operated by trained professionals.
  • Attentive service: White glove delivery service professionals are trained to deliver your shipment quickly and safely every time. A white glove delivery company is typically available to answer any questions you have throughout your shipment, including feedback afterward. 
  • Product assembly or dismantle: If you opt for product assembly or dismantle services, delivery professionals will carry your shipment to the place it needs to be unloaded and then set it up in a safe, timely manner. They will also dismantle and remove the old product you are replacing.

The Benefits of White Glove Delivery Service

The benefits of white glove delivery service

Why use white glove delivery services? When you work with a white glove delivery logistics team, you receive:

  • Better customer service: With a white glove delivery service, customers are always the top priority. Eliminate the need for guesswork with scheduled, assured deliveries and a single point of contact.
  • A lower chance of damage: White glove delivery employs packaging materials and temperature control technology to keep your shipment safe throughout processing and delivery.
  • Peace of mind: For expensive and valuable products, white glove delivery offers you peace of mind that your shipment will be safe from damage or theft. Additionally, the shipment company takes care of all the logistics of your delivery, leaving you with the freedom to focus your energy elsewhere. 
  • Environmental consciousness: Scheduled deliveries— compared to traditional shipment methods, when multiple delivery attempts may be made for a single product — are better for the environment. 
  • Reliable service: White glove delivery eliminates the need to worry about missing, delayed or lost shipments. With trained professionals handling your cargo and providing regular updates and tracking information, you will know when your shipment is expected and where it is throughout each step of the process.
  • Supply chain solutions: Choose a delivery company that offers supply chain solutions, including return management, cross-border services — like customs brokerageautomated shipping schedules, inventory management and more.

Who Should Use White Glove Delivery Services?

Who needs white glove delivery services? White glove delivery service is ideal for individual consumers or businesses whose shipments are of high value, perishability or fragility. 

Who should use white glove delivery services

Individual Consumers

The internet has changed the way individual consumers browse, select, purchase and receive their products. Online shopping is a booming industry — in fact, 76 percent of U.S. consumers do their shopping online

White glove delivery keeps online shopping deliveries safe from damage or theft. For this reason, many individual consumers use white glove delivery services when they order expensive electronics like laptops, cell phones or televisions. Individual consumers might also use white glove delivery when ordering large home appliances — like refrigerators, washing machines and more — so they can opt for stress-free, on-site assembly. 

B2B and B2C Companies

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies frequently use white-glove delivery services. For example, a bakery business might use white glove delivery services to ensure safe, speedy delivery of outgoing baked goods to maintain their reputation of fresh, delicious food. An office supply company might use white glove delivery to supply their clients with same-day or overnight delivery of essential equipment, like printer ink or office computers. Hospitals offer require that white glove service is using when expensive equipment is being delivered. And white glove service is critical for certain events, when materials MUST arrive at a specific location at a specific time.  

What Products Benefit From White Glove Delivery?

Companies specializing in perishable goods have an obvious need for white glove delivery to ensure prompt delivery of their product and fresh food for the consumer. However, many industries benefit from white glove services, including electronics, medical and lab equipment, retail and e-commerce stores, home furnishing retailers and the automotive and aviation sectors.

What products benefit from white glove delivery service

Electronic Devices

Thirty percent of individual consumers purchased their computers or other electronic devices online in 2018. In the same year, online shopping accounted for more than half of business-to-business transactionsWhether you are a business manager or individual consumer, your valuable electronics require safe delivery. 

Examples of valuable electronics that require protection include:

  • Laptop and desktop computers
  • Smartphones
  • Professional-grade cameras or video recorders
  • Tablets 
  • Computer parts or accessories

With white glove delivery service, your shipment is delivered to the exact spot you want it unloaded or assembled, rather than left on your curb or doorstep, vulnerable to inclement weather or theft.

Medical and Lab Equipment

Hospitals and scientific laboratories depend on white glove delivery services to keep their shipments sterile and secure and to protect them through the process.

For example, a hospital, doctor’s office or treatment center might use white glove delivery services for:

  • Ultrasound machines
  • MRI equipment
  • CT Scan machines
  • X-Ray machines
  • Surgery tools and equipment

A science or research lab might use white glove delivery for:

  • Biotechnology devices, water baths or imaging systems
  • Lab specimen refrigerators
  • Lab workstations
  • Fragile tools, like microscopes and glassware

 Due to the highly sensitive nature of these shipments, white glove delivery could mean the difference between properly and improperly handled equipment. For businesses that rely on this equipment for daily operations or use special grant funding to pay for these items, safe, on-time delivery is crucial.

Retail and E-Commerce

Retail and e-commerce stores use white glove delivery services to get their products to customers as quickly and safely as possible. For some businesses, this makes all the difference. 

For example, an online retailer specializing in personalized engagement rings wants to be sure their product is delivered to the consumer without fear that the ring is lost, damaged or stolen. Additionally, the consumer wants to receive the ring before the marriage proposal. White glove delivery is the best way to ensure the customer’s needs are met, and the retailer’s reputation for safe, fast delivery remains in-tact.

Home Appliances and Furniture

Both individual consumers and businesses regularly purchase appliances and large furniture online, such as desks, refrigerators, ovens, wash stations and more. Due to the size and weight of these appliances and furnishings, white glove delivery might be the best option. Plus, white glove delivery typically includes on-site assembly upon receipt, resulting in a hassle-free experience for the consumer.

Most major furniture retailers offer white glove delivery to their customers at checkout so the buyer can add furniture assembly and configuration to the cost of their furniture. Customers are likely to take advantage of this opportunity if:

  • The piece is bulky, oversized or heavy.
  • The furniture piece is difficult to assemble or install.
  • They need assistance configuring the room.
  • There is more than one piece being delivered at a time.

Automotive and Aviation

NASA recently used white glove delivery to move spaceflight hardware from California to Florida in preparation for the Cell Science-02 studies due to the sensitivity of the hardware. The service implemented knowledgeable delivery crew members who expertly packed and unpacked the product, handled it during transport, and even monitored different parameters along the way, like vibrations, acceleration, humidity and more. 

Aviation and automotive dealers and builders use white glove delivery service for the same reason NASA does — to safely transport large, fragile equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Glove Delivery Service

There are several details to consider when weighing the benefits of white glove delivery. To help guide you, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this service:

How Long Does White Glove Delivery Take?

How long does white glove delivery take

Delivery speed depends on several factors, including the distance your shipment must travel, whether or not any borders are being crossed, if customs clearance is needed, and the shipping speed you selected when ordering your shipment. 

Purolator International offers the following shipping speeds:

  • Purolator Express: Our most popular shipment option, Purolator Express, ships almost anywhere in Canada and includes scheduled and Saturday deliveries.
  • PuroPost: Includes shipping and cross-border services for Canada and the U.S. for B2C industries in two to eight days.
  • Less Than Truckload: Less Than Truckload shipments are for smaller shipments within Canada and include savings compared to full truckload shipments.
  • Expedited Forwarding and Elite Service: Expedited Forwarding includes one, two and three-day service options and day-definite deliveries with Elite Service.

Does White Glove Delivery Include Assembly?

Typically, white glove delivery services include product assembly at an additional cost. This feature is useful for several types of consumers, including retail stores with changing product displays, individual consumers ordering large home appliances and more. Ask your delivery service provider for more information.

How Much Does White Glove Delivery Cost?

The cost of white glove delivery varies between transportation companies and depends on several factors, including:

  • The distance of transport: The distance your shipment must travel factors into the price — this includes mileage and whether or not your shipment crossed a border, requiring customs and border clearance.
  • The shipped product: The nature of the product you are shipping — i.e., perishable, non-perishable, fragile, etc. — as well as the product weight and count all factor into the overall cost of your delivery service.
  • The speed of your shipment: Delivery services offer various shipping speeds, each with their own costs. Overnight and same-day shipping, for example, tend to cost more than regular expedited shipping
  • The drop-off location: Difficult-to-reach drop-off locations — like up multiple flights of stairs, for instance — may impact the cost of your service.
  • Any special handling or considerations: Additional costs may accrue if your shipment requires special handling or considerations, like temperature control, specialized equipment, etc.
  • Optional add-on accessories: Optional add-ons, like product assembly or disassembly, may factor into your final cost as will special services like GPS tracking.

Contact a delivery service to learn more about their pricing model. White glove delivery services are an investment, but it is an important one to make if you want peace of mind and assurance that your shipment will arrive on-time and damage-free.

Do I Need to Do Anything Before Receiving a White Glove Delivery?

Do I need to do anything before receiving a white glove delivery

To ensure the safety of your shipment and delivery driver, make sure the drop-off location is clear of obstruction. Whether you are receiving an item in your kitchen or industrial warehouse, make sure the path to and from the drop-off location is clear. 

To further protect your shipment, clean the floor where your cargo will be unloaded or assembled. If you have any rugs, carpet or special flooring you wish to protect during the delivery process, take steps to cover or move them away from the area. 

How Do I Choose a White Glove Delivery Service?

Before choosing a white glove delivery service, do your homework. Choose a credible, experienced company that offers great customer service, is socially responsible and has plenty of customer testimonials or awards to back up their guarantees.

How do I choose a white glove delivery service

  • Professional customer service: White glove delivery service is an investment you make because your shipments are valuable. As such, the service you do business with must have a reliable, easy-to-reach customer service team with experts ready to answer any questions you have. Look for a company that offers you easy account access and transparent procedures.
  • Socially responsible: Look for a company that gives back to their community and values their employees. For example, Purolator International serves the community through volunteer service, company donations and employee donation matching. Purolator International also participates in local and national organizations.
  • Reviews and awards: As you choose a white glove delivery service, look for one that has client testimonials and service awards to back up their promises. 
  • Additional services offered: If your business could benefit from further supply chain management, choose a company that offers white glove delivery service in addition to other helpful services, like inventory and returns management and automated shipping.

What Questions Should I Ask a White Glove Delivery Service?

If you are an individual consumer or business who needs white glove delivery services, take the time to make sure you are working with a company that meets your needs. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the way a company’s process works or how your shipment will be handled. Start with questions like:

  • Can I schedule a specific delivery time? 
  • Are weekend and evening delivery available? If so, is there an extra charge? 
  • Do you include product assembly? 
  • Will you clean up and remove the product packaging? If so, is there an additional cost? 
  • How often will I be updated on the progress of my shipment?
  • Do I need to be present to accept the delivery? 
  • Do you have an automated delivery option?

What questions should I ask a white glove delivery service

Trust Purolator International to Handle Your White Glove Delivery

Are you a business or individual who needs white glove delivery? If you are trying to decide if Purolator International’s white glove delivery service is right for you, answer these questions:

  • Does your business rely on regular, efficient shipments?
  • Do you ship products that require an extra gentle touch or special attention?
  • Do you want more peace of mind regarding your shipments?
  • Are you a United States-based business that has a consistent volume of shipments going to or from Canada? 

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, contact Purolator International and ask about implementing white glove delivery services into your shipping process for top-quality service and efficiency. 

In addition to white glove delivery, Purolator International provides your business with:

  • The PuroTouch Advantage: PuroTouch is our approach to dedicated customer service, offering clients a single point of contact for each account. Every time you call, you speak with a real person who understands your unique needs and logistics process and is working hands-on to manage your shipments every step of the way. PuroTouch Client Relationship Representatives (CRRs) work with brokers to minimize delays, keep you informed about changes in your shipping profile and help you understand your client portal, so you can monitor your tracking and invoicing. PuroTouch CRRs are committed to forming relationships with clients that go beyond the transactional. 
  • Shipment security: Purolator International is dedicated to the security of your shipment, including special handling services — like temperature control and liftgate service — and on-time, inside deliveries. Additionally, our trained drivers keep you updated regularly, so you are always informed about your shipment’s progress.
  • Customs compliance: Let Purolator International handle Canadian to U.S. Customs compliance and the border clearance process.

Purolator International handles imports and exports from the United States to Canada, shipping within Canada and the United States, and import and export in the Rest of the World (ROW) from Canada. Purolator International offers different shipping speed options — fast, faster and fastest — so you get your shipment precisely when you want it. 

Purolator International’s dedication to on-time performance, premium customer service and Canadian cross-border expertise have earned us several awards, including a place among Inbound Logistics Provider magazine’s Top 100 Third Party Logistics Provider in 2017 and Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine’s Best 100 Supply Chain Projects in 2016. When you trust your delivery with Purolator International, you are working with a company that actively puts you first. 

To learn more about Purolator International’s shipping and logistics services or to see what white glove delivery can do for you, give us a call at (888) 511-4811 or contact us online.

Trust Purolator International to handle your white glove delivery