U.S. businesses understand that Canada is the top export market for U.S. goods, but most are unaware that tremendous innovation in logistics and customs efficiency have made Canada an even more attractive option. For example:

  • U.S.-based ground shipments can arrive in Canada days faster than what was previously considered “regular service.”
  • Many U.S. businesses source inventory for Canadian customers – both B2B and B2C — from their U.S. distribution centers.
  • Thanks to recent changes in U.S. law, it is now easier than ever before to obtain “drawback” – refunds on certain import duties and fees.
  • Whether or not your business currently exports to Canada, all businesses can benefit from this insightful update on recent trends in cross border trade and logistics capabilities.

This presentation took place at the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit in September 2018 and was given by John Constanzo, President of Purolator International.