Technology and Experience Give Purolator USA Customers the Edge in Cross Border and Intra-U.S. Shipping

JERICHO, NY – November 24, 2008 –Purolator USA has released a new technology system which, when combined with existing capabilities, will enhance the company’s ability to provide rapid, cost effective logistics services. Purolator USA’s heightened technological capability allows customers increased account visibility and greater options throughout the supply chain.

Purolator USA, a leading provider of cross border and intra-U.S. logistics services is recognized for its extensive distribution networks both in Canada and in the U.S. Widely known for expertise in cross border regulatory issues, and for strong commitment to customer service, Purolator has been able to use technology to integrate each of these strengths, thereby ensuring top-notch logistics solutions for each customer.

“Simply having the capability to move goods through the supply chain is not enough,” says Purolator USA, President John Costanzo. “In today’s environment, information is necessary and customers want 24/7 access to their accounts, and they expect that their logistics provider will be able to offer technology-driven service options.”

Purolator’s web-based technology system enables customers to have complete accessibility to their accounts, including shipment history, tracking and invoicing. The system complements Purolator’s modeling capabilities, through which the company has developed to fit a variety of scenarios. Purolator’s modeling capacity has proven to be superior, and is often cited by customers as an advantage.

“Technology has long been a key factor in Purolator USA’s success with cross border logistics. Our models have proven to be very effective in helping to manage the border process so that our customers’ goods encounter minimal delays and reduced regulatory fees, “ Costanzo says.

Purolator’s use of technology allows the company to maximize its extensive distribution networks both in the U.S. and in Canada. “Our systems allow us to find the most cost efficient, fastest distribution routes for our customers,” Costanzo says. “In the process, we utilize cost management solutions, which increases customer benefits.”

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About Purolator USA

Purolator USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Purolator Courier Ltd, Canada’s leading overnight courier company. Purolator USA specializes in the air and surface forwarding of small packages and freight shipments, customs brokerage and delivery to, from and within the North American market.

In addition to its facilities throughout New York State, Purolator USA has expanded into several key markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Philadelphia and Raleigh/Durham.