Purolator USA Puts Spotlight on Customer Service

JERICHO, NY – May 5, 2008 – Nothing moves more perfectly than a well-oiled supply chain – until a chink forms in the chain, throwing everything askew. And unless a good customer service function is standing at the ready to pick up the pieces, the effect of a supply chain disruption can be devastating.

Purolator USA, the small package and freight forwarding subsidiary of Canada’s largest freight services company, has committed significant resources to the critical need for customer service. Purolator USA has designated a team of employees, called “Client Relations Representatives,” whose sole function is to provide personal service to customers.

“Every Purolator USA customer is assigned to a dedicated Client Relations Representative,” explains Karen Arias, manager of client relations. “Our CRRs build relationships with their accounts. They know the ins and outs of each customer, and are able to recommend solutions that best meet the needs of each unique customer.

“When plans change at the 11th hour or a problem arises,” Arias continues, our customers know to pick up the phone and call their CRR. They will have instant contact with a customer service professional who will immediately begin to address whatever the customer’s need might be.”

Purolator USA’s approach to customer service is vastly different from what has increasingly become the industry norm, namely an 800-number manned by a series of automated voice prompts.

Jessica Webber, a Purolator USA CRR who operates out of the company’s Detroit office notes that, “customers really appreciate the high level of personal service that Purolator USA offers. Customers know that it’s one stop shopping with me. They will not be bounced from person-to-person, or hang up unsatisfied.”

Webber said that her familiarity with her customers’ businesses has helped avoid delivery mishaps on several occasions. “I recall one time I happened to be in the warehouse, and noticed that one of my accounts’ boxes had been labeled incorrectly. If I had not been there to make the necessary changes, those shipments would have arrived at the Canadian border and been turned away.”

Purolator USA’s Arias recognizes that having a team of dedicated customer specific service professionals on staff is a must if we are to provide a positive customer experience.

Purolator USA provides cross border logistics expertise to both U.S. and Canadian businesses, and maintains operations in each country. In addition, the company offers small package and express delivery options for packages traveling within the United States.

For more information about Purolator USA and cross border logistics, please visit www.purolatorusa.com, or call 1-800-511-4811.