Purolator USA Offers Logistics Solutions to Improve E-Commerce Efficiency

JERICHO, NY – March 17, 2009 – Purolator USA, a leading provider of cross border logistics services for e-commerce businesses, has outlined several service options that will improve efficiencies and trim logistics costs for customers. Shipment consolidation and distribution center bypass (DC bypass) are two options that can benefit e-commerce customers, along with Purolator’s unique capacity to offer both northbound and southbound logistics service.

“Speed and flawless execution are non-negotiable for our e-commerce customers,” says Purolator USA President John Costanzo. “From the moment a consumer hits the submit button on an order, our customers are working against the clock to have that consumer’s order packed, loaded and in the delivery pipeline. Purolator’s role is to assist our customers deliver on their promise of timely and seamless delivery of their shipments.

“In an environment where consumers increasingly expect expedited delivery service for free, our job is to provide our e-commerce customers with logistics solutions that offer real value and that reflect real understanding of their business needs,” Costanzo added.

Unlike most U.S. logistics providers, Purolator USA maintains operations in Canada, and has access to deep distribution networks throughout the country. This allows Purolator to consolidate shipments prior to crossing the border, for a faster, less expensive and less-onerous border crossing process. Purolator offers extensive knowledge of U.S./Canada regulatory requirements, and is an active participant in all government programs designed to facilitate the speed and costs associated with cross border commerce.

Once across the border, Purolator is able to deconsolidate packages, and feed them into a direct distribution route, often enabling a package to arrive at its end user without a costly stopover at a distribution center.

DC bypass can shave several days off of a delivery schedule, which can alleviate the need for a U.S. business to operate a DC in Canada. In addition, DC bypass eliminates the need for a company to maintain duplicate inventories.

Purolator’s established operations in both the United States and Canada allow the company to offer comprehensive logistics solutions for shipments traveling into Canada, and also for shipments destined for the United States. This allows Purolator to serve as a single source provider, ensuring consistency of service, customized service plans and cost efficiencies.

“As a single source provider of logistics services, we’re in a position to offer real value to our customers,” says Costanzo. “The same distribution networks and cross border expertise that move goods into Canada can also ensure the timely and cost efficient delivery of returns and other materials back into the United States. Customers benefit from our economies of scale, and also from our thorough understanding of their complete logistics needs.”

Purolator USA is known for its high commitment to customer service. Purolator USA sales reps work closely with customers to offer logistics solutions that meet each business’ unique priorities. “Our competitors offer faceless 800 numbers, or online ‘troubleshooting’ options and call it customer service. Purolator offers each customer a dedicated customer service professional, and we call it good business sense,” Costanzo added.

For more information about Purolator USA, please visit www.purolatorusa.com.

About Purolator USA 

Purolator USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Purolator Courier Ltd, Canada’s largest overnight courier company. Purolator USA specializes in the air and surface forwarding of small packages and freight shipments, customs brokerage and delivery to, from and within the North American market.

In addition to its facilities throughout New York State, Purolator USA has expanded into several key markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Philadelphia and Raleigh/Durham.