Purolator International Reports 97% Overall Customer Service Rating

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Highlights Purolator International’s Commitment to Customer Service with Dedicated Representatives to Ensure On-Time, Cost Effective Delivery

JERICHO, NY – January 10, 2018 – Purolator International, the leading provider of North American logistics, is pleased to announce the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey, revealing an all-time high overall customer service performance rating of 97 percent.

Customers also ranked their individual client relationship representative (CRR) 4.8 out of 5.  Purolator International’s CRRs offer a single point of contact for each customer, and represent the company’s commitment to providing the highest level of customer service – the PuroTouch. The PuroTouch means having a partner who is actively monitoring the logistics process to provide end-to-end visibility.  CRRs provide a hands-on approach to managing shipments from the very first call through to final delivery.

In evaluating the results according to Bain & Company’s Net Promoter SystemSM (NPS), Purolator International achieved a NPS score of 57.  NPS is an index that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others, as well as the customer’s overall loyalty to the brand. According to Bain analysis, the stronger a company’s NPS is, the more organic growth that company will experience. Purolator’s NPS score of 57 puts them in the “excellent” category and in close proximity to companies ranked as the most efficient growth engines, including Amazon, Netflix, or Southwest Airlines.

“I am extremely proud of the results of our customer satisfaction survey, and I’d like to thank each of our employees for their part in this success,” said John Costanzo, President, Purolator International.  “Personalized service is the core of our business.   We work with each customer to design a supply chain and logistics strategy that meets their individual needs.  We’re glad to see this positive feedback and overall satisfaction with timely, accurate and cost effective shipments.”

Costanzo instituted a customer satisfaction survey in 2004 as part of the company’s commitment to providing superior service, and since then has implemented the survey annually.  The questions gauge customers’ overall experience with Purolator International, as well as service performance for on-time, damage-free delivery, tracking and traceability, value, and effective and reliable technology and support.  The results help Purolator International regularly improve the customer experience with new and/or enhanced service offerings.

In 2017, Purolator International introduced two new services based on customer feedback.  In addition to the high speed and fast delivery of Purolator’s Courier services, Purolator International recognized the need for reliable and more economical shipping to Canadian consumers and expanded its ecommerce solution by introducing PuroPost® and PuroPost Plus with guaranteed 2-5 day delivery to all residential addresses in Canada – right from their everyday postal carrier.   

After ecommerce, Purolator International also leveraged its years of expertise as a freight forwarder to introduce Expedited Forwarding (EXF) services.  EXF offers Elite, EXF 1, 2 and 3 delivery times, for urgent domestic and international import/export shipments for the aviation, medical, industrial tools and equipment, computers, and electronics sectors. 

“We will continue to evaluate new services and solutions to help our customers continually evolve and adapt to changing end-customer demands.  Our role is to help our customers provide an exceptional experience for their customers,” continued Costanzo.

Purolator International conducted this survey through an independent service.  The 15 minute online survey was completed September 12th through October 10th with 82% of Purolator International customers participating.

About Purolator International

Purolator International is a subsidiary of Purolator Inc., a leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider in Canada. Purolator International specializes in the air and surface forwarding of Express, Freight and Parcel shipments, customs brokerage, and fulfillment and delivery services to, from and within North America. Purolator International has received numerous industry awards for its superior service and innovative solutions, including “100 Great Supply Chain Projects” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, “Top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners” by Supply Chain Brain magazine, “Top 100 3PL Providers” by Inbound Logistics, and Logistics Management’s “Quest for Quality Award.” In addition to facilities throughout New York, Purolator International has locations in key U.S. markets including Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Nashville, Newark, Houston, Indianapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and St. Louis.

For more information about Purolator International, visit www.purolatorinternational.com