Truckload Service for Ground Shipping in Canada

You may have heard about all the incredible shipping options Purolator International offers for shipping goods from the U.S. to Canada, on the reverse route or even within Canada and the U.S. If you haven’t, you should be aware Purolator International is the leading Canada transportation company for freight shipping.

One thing that makes us the ideal Canada freight shipping solution is that we’re not only a premier air shipping company, but we’re a premier ground shipping company, as well. We ship in a myriad of ways and take on shipments of varying sizes, from small parcels to large, truck-sized shipping orders. It’s our variety of options and high level of flexibility that make us the first choice for shipping to and from Canada.

Purolator Ground Shipping Services for Heavyweight Shipments

When we say we ship just about all sizes, we mean it. If you have a heavyweight shipment that’s large enough to fill up our whole truck, bring it on! That’s precisely what our Truckload (TL) shipping option is for. Whether your truckload is going from the U.S. to Canada, from Canada to the U.S. or within Canada or the U.S., this service is for you.

What Is Purolator Truckload (TL) Service?

Our Truckload service is exactly what you might expect. You get a dedicated truck from our enormous fleet — the largest ground fleet in Canada — to exclusively accommodate your shipment. We fill up the truck and drive it all to your destination, virtually anywhere in Canada or the U.S., for an economical price.

Once the items are securely loaded into the truck, no one touches your goods until they arrive at their destination, so there is a minimal likelihood of damage to your items. Of course, your shipment is loaded and unloaded with the utmost care.

Who Can Benefit From Purolator International Truckload Shipping Services?

Any company who is looking for an economical way to ship large amounts of goods either one time or on a regular basis between the U.S. and Canada or within the U.S. or Canada can benefit from our TL service.

Our staff has a full understanding of American and Canadian laws regarding types of Canada freight shipping and the insurance it requires, as well as the quickest and most efficient way to cross borders and arrive at various destinations. By using Purolator International, you can wipe away any concerns about organizational or logistical headaches that might come with trying to transport such a large shipment across nations using some other method or company.

Get in Touch With Purolator International for Great Deals on Heavyweight Shipping Orders Today

We’re ready to make your heavyweight shipping concerns a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a timely, cost-effective solution to your shipping needs, Purolator International has a truck for you. Contact us today for a free estimate on Truckload ground shipping by calling 1-888-511-4811 or reaching out to us online.