About Our Freight Shipping Company

About Canada's Premier Freight Shipping and Logistics Company

Whether You’re Shipping to, from or within Canada…We Deliver

Ask any business in Canada where it turns for reliable expedite, parcel, freight, and supply chain services, and Purolator is  the answer. We’ve been Canada’s leading freight shipping and express courier company for years, and have established a corporate culture designed for increasing performance success. Once you ship with Purolator, you’ll agree: We deliver Canada. 

Learn more about how our rich history as Canada's leading logistics and express courier company has led to a deep commitment to the community. Also read about the awards we’ve garnered for outstanding environmental and customer service efforts for our Canada/US shipping locations:

  • Company Overview - Read about what we believe in, what we strive for, and how we work to meet your international shipping needs. Read our Company Overview.
  • Company History - To become the leading Canadian transportation company, we’ve made bold, smart moves over the years. Join us in the next chapter of Canada/US shipping innovation. Read About our Company's History.
  • Awards - When we say we’re the best, we’re backed by major Canadian awards for excellence in business. View our Awards.
  • Social Responsibility - Purolator delivers more than packages. We deliver positive social change throughout Canada and the US via our philanthropic enterprises. Learn More About our Social Responsibility.
  • Locations - As leaders in Canada/US shipping, we have an extensive number of locations in both countries. Visit one of our locations today. View our Locations Throughout The US and Canada.

Contact us to learn how the premier Canadian transportation company, Purolator, can meet your shipping needs. Call 1-888-511-4811.