Supply Chains have Enhanced Post-Recession Value Survey Finds

A recent survey of  supply chain and logistics professionals found that 89 percent of respondents believe that the supply chain function has become more important to their organization than it was prior to the recession.

The survey, sponsored by logistics industry research/analysis group eyefortransport, was conducted in September 2011 as a way to gauge perception about the role of supply chain management in the post-recession business environment.  As the survey findings make clear, businesses are increasingly realizing the value that a well-planned and well-managed supply chain can have on their bottom line.  In fact, supply chain management has become such a tier one issue, that 56 percent of respondents said that the supply chain function either has a seat on their board, or will within the next two years.

Katharine O’Reilly, eyefortransport executive director summed up the survey findings by nothing that:  “…[O]ne of the best weapons companies have is their supply chain, and the people who run it.  Their views are always of note to smart business owners.”

This survey would seem to support collective wisdom among business professionals that (a) cost efficiency and streamlined processes are key to life in the post-recession and (b) moving forward will mean learning from mistakes of the past.  As Detlef Trefzger of Germany’s Schenker AG put it:  “People are more focused and committed to solutions.  Before the recession we discussed strategies with our customers that were nice to talk about but never implemented.  That has changed.”