Shipping From Houston To Canada

Does your company frequently ship from Houston to Canada? Purolator International specializes in international delivery services, and we can route your freight, parcel and express shipments across the United States border. With a number of locations scattered throughout the country, we are proud to extend our services to business owners in the state of Texas.

We coordinate both ground and air forwarding to ensure deliveries and fulfillment orders make it to customers on time. Purolator International has over twenty years of experience moving products and equipment into Canada and improving U.S. supply chains. Our professionals have strong relationships with two of the largest networks in Canada to help boost your brand image with fewer delays and oversight on all shipments.

Shipping From Houston to Canada: Our Benefits and Reach

Purolator International goes above and beyond the competition with timely services you can trust. Expect the following when you work with any of our representatives:

  • Organization: Experts at Purolator International look at the size and quantity of your orders to see how we can save you time and money. We aim to reduce the number of cross-border clearances involved with deliveries to suit your budget and expectations.
  • PuroTouch: All of our customers are assigned their very own Client Relationship Representative (CRR). This eliminates the middleman behind each shipment, giving you one point of contact for questions and inquiries.
  • Reliability: Purolator International prides itself on low loss and damage claim rates (less than 1%).
  • Quick deliveries: We can take your orders virtually anywhere in Canada in just a matter of days. Purolator International offers a number of shipping services to match demand and priority.
  • Exceptional customer service: Your CRR will make sure your customers are satisfied with each delivery. Our brand is internationally recognized and stands as one of the top shipping companies in Canada.
  • Professional network: With more than one branch in the state of Texas, including Purolator office locations in south Texas, Houston and elsewhere, we introduce you to a vast logistics network.
  • Cost-friendly rates: We walk you through international shipments with upfront pricing and recommendations.
  • Custom solutions: Purolator International fulfills distribution needs with your unique requirements in mind. We focus on transit times, weights and order size to get shipments from point A to point B.

Purolator International Houston Office: Capabilities

Purolator International brings customers best-in-class shipping services for full coverage of the United States and Canada. Being a subsidiary of Purolator, Inc., we grant you access to industry-leading ground and air fleet networks in Canada to meet the specific needs of your company. Our representatives are dedicated to your success, so we steer you in the right direction to reach new markets.

We put our customers first and save you hours of frustration as a single transportation vendor. Your Client Relationship Representative supports you through every step of the delivery process for commercial and residential addresses in Canada. From metropolitan areas to rural lands, no destination is too complicated for Purolator International.

South Texas Industries Served

Houston is home to a variety of manufacturing facilities which help maintain the local economy. We understand the details surrounding your field and gladly serve multiple industries with our international shipping company services in Houston. Those industries include:

  • Medical fields: Houston is a hotspot for medical research and supplies. We offer the specialized shipping services you demand for quick cross-border deliveries. Safely deliver time-sensitive products to hospitals, labs, research centers and more.
  • Electronics: Purolator International understands the fast-paced culture of technology companies. Get the latest hand-held devices to Canadian markets with the option to track orders from beginning to end. Customize your shipping approach via Purolator Express, Expedited Forwarding and PuroPost® services.
  • eCommerce: Online orders are the ultimate gateway into Canadian markets. Enjoy seamless coast-to-coast shipping with the ability to deliver high-demand goods from Houston like computers, fishing gear, agricultural supplies and media.

International Shipping Options: Houston Location

Purolator International gives your business flexibility in how fast orders arrive. Be sure to click through some of our most popular shipping services, which include the following:

  • Purolator Express: We bring customers the Purolator Express service for small packages calling for next-day delivery. Choose your delivery time to match client expectations, whether for a morning, afternoon or evening arrival. We also have Purolator Ground options for orders that can wait 2-5 business days.
  • PuroPost®: Our PuroPost® shipping service enables your company to deliver lightweight packages to Canada within 2-8 business days. Easily track orders with routine pickups available across the U.S.
  • Less Than Truckload: Use our Purolator location in south Texas to ship from Houston to Canada long before your truck is completely full using LTL services. This is a great choice for time-sensitive deliveries.
  • CanadaOne: Gain Canadian expertise with nightly deliveries and minimal handoffs. CanadaOne works to consolidate orders so that you experience fewer border fees.

For further information about shipping from Houston to Canada, fill out our online form for assistance.

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