The Services Offered at Our Freight Shipping Company

Freight Shipping Services

Our Solutions for Your Shipping Needs

Whatever your business shipping needs – from packages to LTL freight services – and regardless of volume, Purolator International offers both logistical planning and customized services to solve any challenge. We also provide advanced solutions for all your tracking and supply chain requirements.


Explore our entire portfolio of expedite, express, freight, parcel and supply chain services: 

  • Freight Services - Whether you ship cargo by land, sea, or air, PuroFreight can move large quantities to, from and within Canada by freight.
  • Supply Chain Solutions - When your company is shipping to, from or within Canada, your supply chain needs to be streamlined in order to cut costs and reduce border wait times. Purolator logistics and planning experts can help with drop shipping.
  • AOG Elite - When an aircraft is on the ground, time is money. Purolator International’s AOG Elite service delivers for you 24/7/365.

Did you know?

  • Purolator moves over 430,000 pounds of air freight each night, and over 108 million pounds of air freight each year
  • Purolator vehicles/aircraft:
    • 550+ hybrid-electric vehicles
    • 3,100+ courier vehicles
    • 170 medium trucks
    • 500+ tractors
    • 23 dedicated chartered aircraft
    • 940+ ground support equipment
  • Average number of intra-Canada pieces handled by Purolator:
    • Daily: 1.4 million pieces (delivery and pickup) 
    • Weekly: 6.9 million pieces (delivery and pickup) 
    • Monthly: 27.7 million pieces (delivery and pickup) 
    • Annually: 319.7 million pieces (delivery and pickup)
    • 70 per cent of the pieces handled are manufactured goods and 30 per cent are documents


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