Purolator Inc Recognized By Consumers As Canada’s Most Trusted Delivery Services Partner In The Gustavson 2019 Brand Trust Index

Purolator Internationals parent company, Purolator Inc., was recognized by consumers as Canada’s most trusted delivery services partner, according to the Gustavson 2019 Brand Trust Index.   

The Gustavson Brand Trust Index, published by the University of Victoria’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, surveyed more than 7,200 Canadian consumers on their opinions of brand values and trust across 26 different product categories. Purolator earned top spot in the Index’s delivery services category and twenty-fourth spot overall among 313 national brands surveyed.

The brand trust survey instrument measures different dimensions of trust that influence whether consumers recommend a brand to their networks:

  • Brand trust: consumer perceptions of whether the brand is trustworthy and acts with integrity
  • Values-based trust: consumer perceptions on the brand’s social responsibility
  • Functional trust: consumer perceptions on how well the brand’s product performs or functions
  • Relationship trust: consumer perception on how the brand interacts with its customers
  • Word of Mouth: whether consumers recommend the brand to others

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