Did you know

Ten helpful tips for using our improved client portal

1. Easily export shipping data into Excel.

Download and export documentation for shipments with current status (in transit, out for delivery, showing proof of delivery, and so on). For more information, contact your Client Relationship Representative (CRR).

2. We’re mobile-friendly.

Our website and client portal are now as on-the-go as you are, helping you get the job done from the office, the road, or wherever you may be.

3. Let your invoices find you.

Get PDF copies automatically emailed. To opt in, send a note to PIInvoices@purolator.com.

4. Easily look back on past invoices.

Now you can download a consolidated PDF of historic invoices for all services, including PuroPost and PuroPostPlus. To update your settings and make it easy to view detailed or summary PDF invoices, contact PIInvoices@purolator.com.

5. Simplify how you offer tracking details.

We offer API tracking calls to simplify the approach to pulling tracking details into your system. To learn more or to obtain your credentials, reach out to Customer IT Support at CustomerITSupport@purolatorintl.com.

6. Track multiple shipments at once.

Track multiple shipments simultaneously with our “batch lookup” tool. To learn more, contact your CRR.

7. Security for your peace of mind.

Our privacy and security standards use HTTPS. This means all communication between your browser and our website is encrypted.

8. Search for tracking results with just a single tracking number.

We’ve built a single tracking number search feature, where it’s not necessary to know a shipment’s service option in order to find it.

9. Seamless sharing of reports.

It’s easy to email reports in PDF or Excel format. To learn more, contact your CRR.

10. We’ve sped things up!

Enjoy faster login times when accessing our client portal.