Shipping From Toronto to the U.S.

If you’re a part of a Toronto company that ships out of the country to the United States, Purolator International is here to assist you. We are an international shipping company with various locations all throughout North America. We make shipping to the U.S. from Toronto easy with air and ground freight forwarding, express and parcel shipments, customs brokerage and U.S. and Canadian delivery and fulfillment services. 

We’ve aided Canadian companies in creating highly efficient supply chains to transport products into America quickly and dependably for over 20 years. With two of the most extensive networks in Canada, Purolator International will be sure to put your Toronto business on the map. When you ship from Toronto to the U.S., you can expect your shipment to reach its location with minimum delays.

Benefits of Purolator International in Toronto

Teaming up with Purolator International in Toronto comes with a variety of advantages:

  • Hassle-free logistics: No matter your transit time requirements, we can set you up with efficient distribution solutions through personalized programs.
  • Canadian expertise: We are considered to be one of the top 10 best brands in Canada. That’s why we’re able to give our customers the highest quality experience possible.
  • Local access to a large network: You can access our extensive international logistics and distribution network, which features our wide range of shipping locations from Toronto all throughout the U.S.
  • Fast transit times: With our wide variety of comprehensive delivery options, you can expect your packages to arrive at their designated locations exactly when you need them.
  • Competitive pricing: Our outstanding services and affordable prices make us your first choice for shipping from Toronto to the U.S.
  • PuroTouch: When you ship with us, we will set you up with a Client Relationship Representative (CRR) who will work with you directly to manage all shipments while providing excellent customer service.
  • Consolidation services: We help you save time and money by consolidating shipments into one cross-border authorization. We even integrate LTL with small package shipments for higher efficiency. 
  • Dependability: With over 20 years of industry experience and less than 1% of damage and loss claim rates, you can trust us to be your go-to Toronto international shipping company. 

Our Capabilities

At Purolator International, you can expect us to meet all of your distribution and shipping needs with our extensive array of resources that are geared specifically toward you. We are a branch of our parent company, Purolator Inc., which means we have connections with one of the most substantial Canadian air and ground fleet networks. We have a strong understanding of the Toronto area and have access to the most sizable number of Canadian destination points in the industry.

Our network of U.S. and Canadian transportation providers is equipped for comprehensive, adaptable and efficient coverage all across Canada and the United States.

Industries We Serve

With 20 years of business comes experience in a wide array of the top Toronto industries:

  • eCommerce: We can help you meet the needs of both Canadian and U.S. consumer industries with broad coverage across a range of markets. With Mobile Quick Stop services and community mailboxes, you can reach online shoppers from anywhere in the country. 
  • Life sciences: Toronto is one of the top North American cities for human health sciences. At Purolator International, we provide Toronto life science establishments with the specialized handling and fast delivery they need to get resources and products to hospitals and institutions. 
  • Fashion: With high concentrations of fashion and apparel activity in Toronto, we help the fashion industry quickly and efficiently ship products in the air and on the ground through our broad distribution network. 
  • Technology: Toronto is a global hub for IT. At Purolator International, we provide the speed, tracking and durability that tech companies need to grow. We help to further this expert industry with express delivery, expedited forwarding and PuroPost.

Shipping to the U.S. From Toronto

At Purolator International, we can send out products from locations in Ontario with our wide array of unbeatable shipping services. Our highly sought-after shipping options include:

  • CanadaOne: We can ship your products to all commercial and residential locations in Canada with our customized forwarding network and consolidation services.
  • PuroPost: With our PuroPost services, we guarantee that your shipment will be delivered within two to eight days through Canada Post. You can take advantage of our Delivered Duty Paid service option as well as track your shipment as it travels through our distribution network.
  • Expedited forwarding: For more urgent deliveries, you can use expedited forwarding to get your shipment where it needs to be faster than the average package with next-day, two-day, three-day and five-day shipping options. 
  • Purolator Express: This service offers next-day delivery for smaller packages as well as Purolator Ground for two- to five-day deliveries.

For more information on our fast and affordable international shipping solutions, visit your Purolator International office in Toronto or fill out a contact form to get in touch with our team of experts.

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