Shipping From San Francisco to Canada

Purolator International is a leading international shipping company that provides companies in San Francisco with local access to the largest shipping networks in North America. A subsidiary of Purolator Inc., Purolator International is San Francisco’s gateway to bustling northbound supply chain pathways that distribute U.S. products to any location in Canada. Our skilled team of cross-border supply chain experts has two decades of experience in U.S.-to-Canada shipping and has helped hundreds of U.S. companies through the logistics of international shipping and distribution.

We’re dedicated to our clients, as we serve businesses across many different industries. We provide custom solutions to ease the cross-border shipping processes associated with transporting San Francisco goods into almost any location in Canada — which saves you time and money and helps raise your customer satisfaction ratings. 

Benefits of Using the Purolator International Location in San Francisco

Using our location near San Jose, we can connect you with a vast network of U.S. transit providers and Canadian shipping and distribution companies that can transfer your freight to nearly any location. Benefits of our services include:

  • Consolidation. We can consolidate less than truckload freight shipping (LTL) with small packages for a single cross-border clearance. This option can save you substantial time and money with your shipments.
  • PuroTouch. Our Client Relationship Representatives (CRRs) manage your shipment processes with a hands-on approach and function as your single point of contact for your shipment management solutions.
  • Hassle-free logistics. We provide custom ground and air shipment solutions for your shipping and distribution requirements, and we make sure your goods travel quickly and securely to their destination.
  • Dependability. With a loss and damage claim rate of under 1%, we’re a dependable international shipping company you can have on your side.
  • Local access to vast networks. Our resources allow us to help San Francisco businesses extend their reach to almost anywhere in Canada. We’re connected to the largest shipping and distribution networks in North America, which allow us to serve our clients’ needs even better. 
  • Canadian expertise. We provide expert supply chain services specifically designed around northbound shipping needs. 
  • Competitive pricing. We offer competitive pricing — for every dollar you spend on our international shipping and distribution services, you make a better return on your investment than you would with our competitors.
  • Fast transit times. We’ll ensure your goods get to their Canadian destinations when you need them delivered. Our transit services connect you with the best-in-class U.S. providers with an excellent track record for on-time delivery.

Our Capabilities for Shipping From San Francisco to Canada

We can meet your shipping and distribution needs with a multitude of resources. Our access to large fleet networks in Canada will help you ship your goods to almost any location in the country. Plus, with our connection to vetted U.S. transportation providers, we can ensure fast, flexible delivery capabilities for our customers.

Industries We Serve From Our Location Near Sacramento 

If you’re looking for a Purolator International location in Southern California, look no further. Here are the major industries we serve in this area:

  • Aerospace and aviation: We serve the aviation and aerospace industries near San Francisco with comprehensive shipping solutions that ensure optimally secure packaging and shipment — plus flexibility and expedited delivery.
  • eCommerce: We provide solutions for eCommerce with our connections to the widest border-to-border coverage of Canadian markets. We offer many end delivery and final mile options, including Mobile Quick Stop delivery to community mailboxes and other locations. 
  • Life sciences and biotechnology: We help hospitals, research centers and pharmaceutical companies deliver their time-sensitive materials to locations throughout Canada. 
  • Technology: We also serve the technology industry in Southern California. We offer our technology sector clients optimal shipping security and a wide range of expedited delivery options and tracking capabilities.

Shipping From the Purolator International Office in San Francisco

Choose from the following shipping options for this location:

  • CanadaOne: Enjoy customized forwarding services, a wide reach to Canadian destinations and consolidation services. 
  • PuroPost: Send your packages from San Francisco to Canada within two to eight business days.
  • Purolator Express: Enjoy reliable next-day delivery for small packages or two- to five-day delivery with our Purolator Ground option.
  • Expedited forwarding: This option lets you send time-sensitive items of any weight to any location within two to five days. We also offer emergency Elite service.

Contact Purolator International today for more information on our cross-border shipping services for the San Francisco area.

San Francisco Office

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