Shipping From Nashville To Canada

Purolator International wants to help your business ship from the Nashville area into Canada through our variety of delivery services. We are a supply chain logistics solution provider that specializes in the handling of parcels, freight and express shipments for your convenience. We coordinate air and ground forwarding within the state of Tennessee to optimize channels involving customs brokerage and fulfillment.

Being an international shipping company with locations across the United States, we ensure your goods and supplies arrive at their correct destinations in one piece. Enjoy seamless cross-border shipping methods with fewer delays, tracking functions and exceptional customer service when you work with Purolator International. We are your trusted partner for Canadian deliveries with over 20 years of industry experience.

International Shipping Company in Tennessee

At our Purolator office location in Nashville, our team strives to make cross-border shipping as easy as possible. Look no further than our Canadian shipping services for benefits such as:

  • Flexible logistics and planning: We pay attention to your unique needs. Our representatives take the time to map out routes according to budget and customer expectations.
  • Established shipping network: Our professionals deliver orders through trustworthy outlets. We have our own international distribution and logistics network in place.
  • Orders arrive as intended: Purolator International has a strong understanding of cross-border procedures to get orders from point A to point B. We are proud to have some of the lowest damage and loss rates in the field (less than 1%).
  • Superior consolidation services: Experts at Purolator International work with you to arrange shipments for fewer cross-border clearances. Save time and money as we organize trucks and flights for efficiency.
  • Customer service in Canada: We are an internationally recognized brand, and Canadian customers are familiar with our dedication to customer service.
  • PuroTouch: Purolator International provides you with a Client Relationship Representative (CRR) for questions about tracking. There is no middleman involved with our process, and you have one point of contact for deliveries.
  • Affordable pricing: Your CRR will coordinate shipments and secure competitive rates for jobs large and small.
  • Timely arrivals: We are upfront about delivery timelines and enable you to choose between our shipping services to meet customer demands.

Our Nashville Office Capabilities

We introduce your business to resources that enhance shipping and distribution efforts. Our company is a subsidiary of Purolator, Inc., which grants you access to one of the most successful ground and air fleet organizations between the U.S. and Canada. We have the ability to deliver your products, supplies and materials virtually anywhere in Canada, as our staff is familiar with commercial and residential areas.

We tailor our services to your business through a developed network of transportation providers. Regardless of final destination plans, you can count on our team to help you expand into new opportunities throughout Canadian markets.

Serving a Variety of Industries in Central Tennessee

Those living in Central Tennessee understand how the local economy is supported by manufacturing and development. Purolator International partners with businesses from a number of backgrounds to help deliver goods into Canada. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Life sciences and medical: Nashville is becoming a hotspot for health care companies and medical manufacturing. We are able to set up quick deliveries from Central Tennessee to Canada for time-sensitive goods and supplies. Ship pharmaceuticals, temperature-controlled items and surgical equipment to hospitals and other facilities.
  • eCommerce: Purolator International appeals to online retailers and large corporations with full coverage of Canadian markets. Cater to your customers with the ability to deliver to parcel lockers, kiosks and residential mailboxes.
  • Automotive and transportation: American automakers are starting to open plants and manufacturing facilities close to Nashville. Ship aftermarket parts across the United States border in just a matter of days to satisfy Canadian dealers.

Shipping Options From Nashville to Canada

Purolator International is your go-to shipping company for deliveries crossing the Canadian border. View some of our most popular services to determine the best route for your applications:

  • Less Than Truckload: Our LTL service is ideal in situations where orders require timely deliveries but the trucks are far from full. Ship orders out immediately with skid-level tracking and fewer handoffs between stops. Your customers will appreciate accurate delivery timelines with low loss and damage rates.
  • CanadaOne: The CanadaOne service allows you to reach all destination points in Canada with nightly scheduled flights. Our staff works with you to consolidate shipments to minimize fees and regulatory costs.
  • PuroPost®: Schedule order pickups with our Purolator locations in Tennessee, including Nashville, and have our team deliver your lightweight packages via Canada Post. Your customers in Canadian markets receive orders in 2-8 business days using PuroPost®.
  • Purolator Express: Send deliveries into Canada for a next-day arrival with Purolator Express options.

Learn more about our full list of shipping services by completing our contact form today.

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