Shipping From Minneapolis-St.Paul To Canada

Distributing goods from Minneapolis to Canada can use up more valuable time and resources than you have to spare. On the other hand, working with the right shipping company can help you transport and deliver products fast and satisfy more customers than ever before.

Our Purolator International office in Minneapolis provides the CanadaOne solution, which gives you access to high-quality logistics and a massive network of distribution resources. With more than 20 years in the industry, we have experience developing efficient supply chain solutions for businesses throughout North America. You can count on fast transportation and reliable tracking capabilities when you work with our international shipping company in Minneapolis.

Local Shipping Options in Minneapolis and St. Paul

If you serve the Minneapolis or St. Paul areas, having easy access to an international shipping service can save you time and money. We offer a single comprehensive shipping and delivery solution for all your distribution needs. With connections that will allow you to reach millions of residential and commercial addresses, we’ll keep your supply chain strong and efficient. Some of the benefits that come with our services include:

  • Broad international coverage: At Purolator International, we’ll put the world at your fingertips. We can deliver to almost any location, meaning we’ll help you transport your package wherever it needs to go.
  • High-speed transit: Whether you’re shipping parcel, freight or express, you can rely on our fast shipping solutions.
  • Reliable Canada shipping: While we offer a multitude of flexible options, Canada is our main area of expertise. We’re even recognized as one of the top brands in the country!
  • Shipment consolidation and cost savings: Some of our options, such as the CanadaOne shipping service, will allow you to consolidate several shipments into one, making the process much more convenient and cost-effective.
  • Competitive prices: Finding a solution for the right price is what business is all about. Our competitive prices will help you save and earn a better return on investment.
  • PuroTouch: Effective communication and customer service you can trust — that’s the PuroTouch advantage. We’ll provide a single contact who will work with you throughout every shipping process, managing logistics and answering all your questions.
  • Low loss/damage ratios: Our loss and damage claims rate is lower than one percent, which sets us apart from the competition. We’ll take great care with all your shipments so that you can reduce costs and build a more sustainable business.

Our Capabilities

If you’re planning to extend your market to Canada, remember that there’s a simple way to do it reliably. Our Purolator International location for Minneapolis-St. Paul is connected to a wide variety of branches across the U.S. as well as two large Canadian networks. This connection will enable you to deliver packages to millions of metropolitan and rural addresses in Canada. As an added bonus, our shipments take mere days to arrive instead of weeks!

Purolator International services include both ground and air fleet shipment options, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to meet your individual needs. When it comes to cross-border deliveries, we know how to develop unique solutions that will cater to specific company demands.

A Wide Industry Influence

We’ve helped businesses in a variety of major industries in Minneapolis, such as:

  • Technology: Modern technology has taken hold of manufacturing, healthcare and many other essential industries. From machine electronics to computer parts, we’ll help you get these sensitive materials where they need to go.
  • eCommerce: Running an online business in Minneapolis means you may have customers from all over the globe buying your products. Let us speed up your supply chain with productive strategies and metrics. In addition, we provide convenient Mobile Quick Stop solutions for metro areas.
  • Automotive and transportation: We can help you keep up with the demands of the automotive and transportation industries by providing high-quality freight and express services.

Purolator International Shipping Services

Whatever the package type or delivery speed, we have a service that will fit the job description. Our shipping options for Minneapolis include:

  • CanadaOne: CanadaOne offers a comprehensive solution for your Canada distribution plan. This service comes with broad location reach, consolidation services and more.
  • Parcel delivery: Our parcel services include PuroPost and PuroPost Plus, which will allow you to ship smaller packages from the U.S. to Canada in one week or less.
  • Courier services: Purolator Express and Purolator Ground offer shipping in one to five days while giving you the freedom to send packages within the U.S. and to Canada.
  • Expedited Forwarding: With our Expedited Forwarding solutions, you can count on high delivery speeds regardless of your shipment’s size. This service is the ideal selection for your most urgent deliveries.

Visit Your Purolator International Location in Minnesota

Shipping from Minneapolis to Canada is easier than ever with our flexible shipping solutions. Contact us today or visit your local Minnesota branch to learn more.

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