Shipping From Milwaukee To Canada

While Milwaukee is a major center for shipping goods, it’s important to work with a partner you trust if you’re planning to foster business growth. Purolator International gives you the tools and support necessary to extend your reach farther than ever before. As a subsidiary of Purolator Inc., we’re connected to a huge network of U.S. and Canadian resources that can help improve your distribution operations.

With more than 20 years of experience in the shipping industry, we’re prepared to take on any business supply chain or delivery requirement. Our efficient cross-border shipping services will allow you to deliver products more quickly — and more cost-effectively as well!

Benefits of Purolator International Shipping Services

At our Purolator International office in Milwaukee, we provide a complete selection of shipping options so that you can find a solution that best fits your package size and time limits. Our services offer competitive prices and provide a quick, local way to access international distribution resources. With support from our representatives, your business operations will have the room they need to adapt and evolve. Some of the major advantages we offer include:

  • Fast shipment times: Whether or not time is a concern for your cross-border shipments, our services are designed to ensure that your goods reach the consumer in a timely manner. Options range from one-day shipping to eight-day shipping, which you can choose based on your needs.
  • Full coverage of U.S. and Canada markets: If you need a partner that can access a broad range of locations, we have you covered. With our services, you can transport products almost anywhere in North America. We even offer global solutions!
  • Reliable Canada deliveries: As one of the top brands in Canada, we’re the ideal solution if you’re looking to widen your reach within North America. We specialize in Canadian deliveries thanks to our decades of experience with major distribution networks.
  • Improved logistics: The success of any supply chain strategy is in the details. We build custom solutions and logistics so that you can ship from Milwaukee to Canada with efficient communication, transportation and dependability on your side.
  • Cost savings: Our low loss/damage rates and assembled distribution capabilities will help you serve customers more quickly while cutting down on the need for extra resources. Furthermore, our management strategies will keep your shipping as cost-effective as possible.
  • High-quality customer service: Purolator International will partner you up with a convenient point of contact who will help you with all shipping management matters. With PuroTouch, you’ll enjoy a simple and seamless customer experience.

How We Can Expand Your Milwaukee Business

At Purolator International in Minnesota, we customize shipping solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you work in an industry with time-sensitive requirements or you’re transporting hazardous materials, we’ll provide compatible options.

We have access to millions of commercial and home addresses in Canada as well as a variety of other international resources. Our network will offer all the support you need to serve your customers without delay.

Top Milwaukee Industries That We Serve

We serve several major industries within the competitive market. Some of the common types of businesses that choose Purolator International services include:

  • Technology: You can count on us to provide fast, secure transportation for all of your electronics, machinery and computer parts.
  • Automotive and transportation: If you need assistance making urgent deliveries for the automotive industry, our Expedited Forwarding or Purolator Express services will meet your demands.
  • eCommerce: We can help expand your eCommerce business by facilitating high-efficiency shipping throughout North America and around the world. Our Mobile Quick Stop trucks offer additional support in populated areas.

Shipping Availability at Our Purolator International Location in Wisconsin

What types of shipping options do we offer at our Purolator International location near Madison? These are some of the popular services we have available:

  • PuroPost: We offer PuroPost and PuroPost Plus for businesses that are in need of reliable parcel delivery solutions. If you’re sending out smaller packages, these services could be the right options for you.
  • Purolator Express: Purolator Express is a high-speed shipping solution for both small and larger shipments under 150 pounds. We also offer Purolator Ground for less urgent deliveries.
  • CanadaOne: If you’re looking for a full supply chain solution that will enhance your Canada distribution needs, you’ll be happy to learn about our CanadaOne service, which offers seamless cross-border transportation and network access.
  • Expedited Forwarding: Expedited Forwarding is your exclusive Purolator International source for next-day deliveries and global shipment opportunities.

Contact Your International Shipping Company in Milwaukee

Our Purolator International location in Wisconsin will keep your company’s supply chain organized and your costs under control. Reach out now or contact your international shipping company in Milwaukee to expand your shipping options!

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