Shipping From Los Angeles to Canada

Do you need to ship goods from Los Angeles, California, to Canada? If so, Purolator International can meet your needs. A subsidiary of Purolator, Inc., we’re an international shipping company with a local presence in Los Angles that ships goods across a wide range of industries to all regions in Canada. We’re proud to provide coordination and forwarding services for northbound freight, parcels and express shipments. We also coordinate services for customs brokerage and North America fulfillment and delivery.

Purolator International has been serving U.S. and Canadian industries with customized, fast and secure shipment services via both ground and air transportation along with excellent customer service. With two decades of experience helping businesses in Los Angeles and all over the U.S. develop efficient supply chain processes to transport goods across industries into Canada, we’re more than ready to handle your cross-border shipments.

Benefits of Using Purolator International for Shipping From Los Angeles to Canada

As your designated Purolator International location in Anaheim, Los Angeles and neighboring communities, we’re committed to providing you with the flexible shipping options you require to send your goods to any region in Canada. When you choose Purolator International as your supply chain partner, you’ll gain access to the following major benefits:

  • Dependability: With a damage and loss claims rate of less than 1%, we’re one of the most dependable supply chain logistics solutions providers in business.
  • The PuroTouch: Our knowledgeable and committed Client Relationship Representatives (CRR) provide some of the best client care in the industry. Your CRR will be your single point of contact for all shipping logistics.
  • Competitive pricing: We offer excellent value for all of our clients, and we provide incredibly cost-effective northbound shipping solutions for our Los Angeles client base.
  • Expedient transit times: We can tailor our transit services to your requirements. When you need expedited shipping, we’ll be here to make it happen hassle-free.
  • Local access to large networks: We’re your gateway to the largest distribution and logistics networks in North America. Our local presence helps California businesses ship their products where they need to go — fast.
  • Canadian expertise: With 20 years of cross-border shipping experience, we know the ins and outs of northbound shipping from places like Los Angeles. Plus, we’re recognized as one of the 10 best brands in Canada for customer experience.
  • Consolidation services: If possible, we will consolidate multiple shipments into one to ease the border clearance process and save clients unnecessary hassle.
  • Straightforward logistics: At Purolator International, we make things simple for our clients. Enjoy customized solutions that meet your transit needs within your time frame.

Our Shipping Capabilities

We have an extensive selection of resources that will allow us to meet your logistics, shipping and distribution needs with maximum efficiency. With access to the largest networks in our North American region, we can have your goods shipped from your location to virtually any location in Canada. We’ll connect you to major ground and air shipment networks that can transport your goods to their destinations quickly and safely.

Moreover, our U.S. ground and air transportation provider network is vetted according to our stringent quality standards, so you’ll know you’re getting best-in-class service.

Industries Purolator International Serves in Los Angeles

We serve the following major industries in the Los Angeles area:

  • Automotive: As an automotive hub, Los Angeles is teeming with automotive manufacturing businesses. We can help you ship and distribute automotive materials into Canada quickly and seamlessly with our ground and freight transportation networks.
  • Technology: Our proximity to Anaheim and Los Angeles allows us to serve the area’s booming tech industry by providing flexible, secure northbound shipping solutions.
  • Life sciences and biosciences: From research organizations to health care facilities, businesses in the bioscience sector benefit from our time-sensitive shipment capabilities.
  • eCommerce: With the vast number of companies selling products online, the eCommerce industry in California requires a reliable shipping and distribution network. We specialize in supporting eCommerce businesses by providing access to the largest and most expedient shipping networks in North America.

Available Shipping Options

Our most popular shipping options include:

  • Expedited Forwarding: When you need your goods shipped fast, we can take care of it as soon as the next day. We also offer emergency delivery services.
  • PuroPost: Have your Los Angeles deliveries shipped to Canada within two to eight days. We offer complete tracking visibility and Delivery Duty Paid service.
  • Purolator Express: We provide next-day delivery for packages as well as expedited ground shipping via Purolator Ground.
  • CanadaOne: We offer a collection of essential supply chain services, including vast residential and commercial location reach, consolidation and an expedited forwarding network.

If you’re looking for a fast and secure way to ship goods from our location in Los Angeles to any location in Canada, contact our team today!

Los Angeles Office

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