Shipping From Columbus to Canada

If you need to get parcel or shipment from point A to point B as quickly as possible, Purolator International offers a local option you can trust. We’ve been working with companies in the U.S. for more than 20 years as a source of ground and air distribution to Canada and a wide variety of other locations around the world.

Our level of experience and expertise allows us to provide efficient express, freight and parcel shipping services, so you can maintain a steady flow of goods without delay. Thanks to our Purolator International location in central Ohio and access to two major networks in Canada, we can make your shipments from Columbus seamless.

Benefits of Working With Purolator International

With the help of our international shipping company in Columbus, you’ll enjoy a wide range of shipping advantages, including:

  • Simple logistics: We’ll create custom logistics solutions based on the routes and organizational strategies that work for you.
  • Great pricing: Purolator International offers competitive prices, which means you can reap the greatest reward for your money.
  • Easy access to our massive network: With two large networks in Canada and a wide range of locations throughout the U.S., we’ll give you quick, hassle-free access to our international services.
  • The PuroTouch advantage: Our PuroTouch service will provide you with a single contact to help you throughout the shipment process. If you have any questions, you’ll be able to reach this familiar contact at any time.
  • Expedited transit: We’ll work to help you establish an efficient supply chain so that you can serve clients and customers on a faster schedule.
  • Canadian expertise: Known as one of the top 10 brands in Canada, we’re committed to providing a safe, intuitive experience for companies that distribute across borders in North America.
  • Consolidation services: Let us help you save money and resources by offering assembled distribution opportunities, which will allow you to consolidate multiple shipments into one.
  • Excellent performance: With a 97% performance rating and less than a one percent rate on loss and damage claims, we offer solutions you can rely on.

What Can We Do?

Whatever your business’s individual needs, we’ll use our wide network and years of experience to meet and exceed your expectations. Because our Purolator International office in Columbus is connected to Purolator, Inc., we have access to a variety of resources in both the U.S. and Canada.

If you operate within the Columbus area, you’ll find that we can ship to almost any location within Canada or the U.S. Our association with one of Canada’s major fleet networks gives us plenty of flexibility, and you can expand the reach of your business when you work with us.

Top Industries in Columbus

Some of the top industries we serve through our Purolator International location in central Ohio include:

  • Automotive and transportation: For times when your customers need transportation or auto components right away, we offer efficient options like Expedited Forwarding and Purolator Express to streamline the shipping and delivery process.
  • eCommerce: We can help your eCommerce business serve a wide range of Canada locations, allowing you to access online shoppers from anywhere with Mobile Quick Stop services. We offer tracking and competitive prices for express, freight and parcel shipping requirements.
  • Fashion and apparel: No matter what type of apparel you’re sending, you’ll find that we can ship fashion and clothing items to stores, customers and distributors in Canada. These options will give you the freedom to develop the supply chain strategy that works best for your Ohio business.
  • Technology: If you’re shipping tech products from Columbus to Canada, you may need access to safe, fast shipping. We have delivery solutions for small and large packages alike, so you can meet demands at a better pace.

Shipping Options at Your Purolator International Location

Purolator International in Columbus provides multiple fast shipping options to meet your supply chain demands. These services include:

  • CanadaOne: CanadaOne will simplify every shipment to your Canada destinations, allowing you to consolidate distribution and save time.
  • PuroPost: When you’re shipping from Columbus to Canada, you need a quick and easy option that will keep all your customers satisfied. Our loads can deliver to over 16 million unique addresses in Canada within two to eight days.
  • Purolator Express: Designed for shipments up to 150 pounds, Purolator Express offers shipping to fit your exact delivery requirements. This option also comes with tracking for your convenience.
  • Expedited Forwarding: Whatever type of package you need to deliver, Expedited Forwarding is the ideal solution for your one-day, two-day and three-day shipping needs.

Visit a Purolator International Location in Columbus

With a Purolator International location right in Middle Ohio, you can deliver goods on your terms to almost any location around the globe. To learn more about our cross-border shipping services, visit your local branch today or complete our online contact form.

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