Shipping From Cincinnati to Canada

Companies operating in Cincinnati have the ability to tap into Canadian markets when working with Purolator International. We are an industry-leading international shipping organization that focuses on enhancing your supply chain efforts. With Purolator office locations in south Ohio and north Kentucky, we get your parcel, freight, express deliveries and fulfillments from point A to point B as safely as possible.

How do we move orders into Canada? Purolator International has a well-established network of ground and air fleet services to make your life easier. Our team carries more than two decades of field experience and has a strong understanding of Canadian geography. Your shipments arrive in a timely manner, and your clients will appreciate minimal delays with low loss and damage rates.

Benefits of Our International Shipping Company: Cincinnati

Purolator International is dedicated to our customers. We provide you with a seamless transit process with advantages such as:

  • Efficient timelines: Your business can select how fast orders arrive at their end destinations. Exceed customer expectations with options such as next-day delivery.
  • Canadian recognition: Canadian markets are familiar with our name and will associate your brand with excellence. Purolator International is known for our outstanding customer service for every delivery we handle.
  • Custom logistics: Companies look to Purolator International for organized transit routes. Your account representative will walk you through timelines and delivery procedures to match your distribution needs.
  • PuroTouch representatives: Shipping from Cincinnati to Canada is stress-free because we connect our customers with Client Relationship Representatives (CRRs). One person is in charge of your account, and you are able to contact this individual for updates regarding deliveries.
  • Unmatched experience: Purolator International thrives on over 20 years of cross-border shipping experience. Your business can feel secure knowing our loss and damage claim rates are less than 1%.
  • Cost-friendly pricing: Your CRR takes the time to ensure you are getting competitive rates for your shipping demands. We work with you to create custom plans after learning more about your company’s budget.
  • Ground and flight network: Purolator International has locations scattered throughout Ohio. We take care of your shipments by introducing you to a vast international distribution and logistics system.
  • Fewer cross-border fees: Our professionals see how we can consolidate packages on trucks and flights. This saves you money in cross-border clearance transactions.

Canadian Reach and Capabilities From South Ohio

Purolator International brings your business a number of resources to transform shipping and distribution tactics. We are proud to have Purolator, Inc. as a parent company, so all of your shipments are under close watch by one of the most successful ground and air fleet networks in Canada. Thousands of employees support our mission of giving U.S. businesses 100% reach for addresses in metropolitan areas, rural lands and beyond.

Whether deliveries are set for residential or commercial destinations, Purolator International separates itself from the competition with an impressive reach into Canadian markets. All of our experts are knowledgeable about cross-border landscapes to give you access to more Canadian destination points than any other provider.

Industries Served: Cincinnati Office

At Purolator International, we open our doors to businesses from a variety of industries. The Cincinnati area is populated with manufacturing facilities, retail stores and health services that make this location a hotspot for international trade. We frequently serve the following industries by delivering goods from south Ohio to Canada:

  • eCommerce: Purolator International gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base to millions of online shoppers in Canada. We support businesses large and small and deliver products to consumer markets with flexible end destinations. Your clients can receive orders through standard mailboxes, security lockers and more.
  • Technology: Cincinnati and nearby locations are home to Fortune 500 companies. We deliver technology products with tracking functions for maximum oversight. Speak to your CRR about next-day delivery options as well as solutions that get products to consumers in less than one week.
  • Medical and life sciences: CRRs will arrange quick deliveries for time-sensitive goods leaving research facilities, testing labs and medical centers. Purolator International is able to coordinate shipments to suit the temperature regulations of your industry.

Services for Shipping From Cincinnati to Canada

Purolator International wants to guide your shipments across the Canadian border with your unique requirements in mind. A few of our most popular international shipping services include:

  • CanadaOne: Your deliveries have access to an array of ground and air forwarding services with CanadaOne. Reach virtually any residential or commercial address in Canada with advantages such as overnight flights and consolidated truck loading.
  • PuroPost®: Our PuroPost® service gets packages across the border efficiently, where they are then delivered via Canada Post. Seamlessly track shipments in real-time, and your clients can expect arrivals in 2-8 business days.
  • Expedited Forwarding: Choose between next-day, two-day, three-day and 3-5 business day transit times with Expedited Forwarding. Receive 24/7 assistance with urgent orders, and note that we accept shipments of all sizes and weights.
  • Purolator Express: Looking to ship from south Ohio to Canada as fast as possible? The Purolator Express service is geared for next-day deliveries and is compatible with our returns program.

For questions and inquiries about any of our services, fill out a contact form with us today.

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