Shipping From Chicago to Canada

If you’re shipping from Chicago to Canada, you’ll find that it pays to work with a partner who can help you maximize shipment safety and efficiency. Owned by Purolator Inc., Purolator International is part of an expansive network consisting of reliable distribution connections. We do freight, parcel and express shipping services within the U.S., within Canada and even around the globe. Our location in northern Illinois is a chance for you to improve your business’s supply chain and even expand its services.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping businesses in North America shape their strategies with fast air and ground fleet shipping solutions. With access to two of Canada’s largest networks, we’re prepared to deliver packages to millions of addresses while maintaining performance and transparency.

Gain a Competitive Advantage With Purolator International

At Purolator International, we offer competitive pricing for a multitude of fast shipping services. Our Purolator location in Illinois will give you an easy local option that you can use to save both time and resources. Whether you’re looking to consolidate several shipments into one or fully streamline distribution, we can facilitate deliveries in both metropolitan and rural areas. Some of the advantages of our services include:

  • Easy logistics: We understand that careful planning is a major part of maintaining any successful supply chain. As a result, we develop hassle-free, custom logistics to make the shipping process as seamless as possible.
  • Local access to an international network: Having a local shipping option available means you can conduct distribution without having to seek out multiple vendors. With our massive network right at your fingertips, you can ship items almost anywhere.
  • High-speed delivery options: With complete reach in Canada and more than two decades of experience, we’re equipped to provide the high-speed services you need. Our Expedited Forwarding and PuroPost Express options can even deliver items in as little as one day!
  • PuroTouch support: Purolator International values excellent customer service, and we work to uphold high standards with our PuroTouch service. This option provides a single point of contact that will help you with management, logistics and related needs.
  • Canada expertise: As one of the top 10 brands in Canada, we’re known for providing reliable cross-border shipping services. We offer the ideal option for your business if you’re planning to expand delivery to Canada.

Partner With a Strong Distribution Network

At our center of service in Chicago, we’ll enable you to:

  • Ship from Canada to the U.S.
  • Ship within the U.S.
  • Ship to other locations around the globe

While our primary expertise lies in Canadian shipments and deliveries, we can ship products to almost any location. Our strong network in Canada and a range of branch locations around the U.S. allow us to work with all kinds of companies and industries. As a long-term solution, our shipping service will help you reach customers faster.

Industries Served in Chicago

In addition to covering most commercial and residential addresses in North America, we also work with many industries from our Purolator International location in northern Illinois. Some of these industries include:

  • Technology: Technology is constantly growing and changing. That’s why our international shipping company in Chicago provides fast and safe deliveries for tech-related products.
  • Automotive and transportation: Our PuroPost and Purolator Express services are excellent for shipping automotive and transportation items. You can use our services to make sure every customer receives their products right on schedule.
  • eCommerce: eCommerce is one of our most popular industries because companies in this market have so much freedom and flexibility. We provide tracking and customer service options, so you can make sure every delivery goes through without delay. We also station Mobile Quick Stop solutions in a variety of communities.

Our Variety of Shipping Services

You can make the most of a partnership with Purolator International by taking advantage of our U.S., Canada and global shipping services:

  • PuroPost: PuroPost ensures delivery in two to eight days maximum, while our PuroPost Plus option offers shipments in two to five days. These services are ideal for smaller parcel distribution.
  • Purolator Express: Purolator Express and Purolator Ground are our courier solutions for small packages and larger loads under 150 pounds. You can count on deliveries in one to three days when you try Purolator Express.
  • Expedited Forwarding: If you have a large shipment that you want to send as quickly as possible, Expedited Forwarding is the way to go. Our elite service will allow you to ship packages globally.
  • CanadaOne: Our supply chain management solution for Canadian markets will help you consolidate shipments and create a seamless distribution process for all your goods.

Learn More at Your Purolator International Office in Chicago

We’ll cover all your distribution needs in the U.S. and Canada with a wide range of transportation and logistics options. Give us a call or complete our online form to learn more, or reach out to your local international shipping company in Chicago today.

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