Shipping From Pittsburgh to Canada

Pittsburgh is a city filled with booming businesses from all sectors and industries. Growing business leads to greater service reach, which means you may benefit from a reliable shipping solution that can help you access customers across miles and borders.

That’s where Purolator International comes in. As a subsidiary of Purolator Inc., we have access to multiple Canada networks and a variety of locations around the world, which allows us to provide wide-spread parcel, freight and express services. Our 20 years of experience in the industry have given us the tools and resources to optimize your supply chain management strategy.

How Purolator International Services Can Benefit You

Having an international shipping company in Pittsburgh makes it easy to ship goods from your location to customers and stores around the world. Whether you need to fulfill urgent delivery orders or you’re looking for ways to streamline your supply chain, we can provide a large network and a wide selection of customized options. We’ll even help you save money by offering assembled distribution with our services. Our Pittsburgh shipping comes with:

  • Competitive prices: Our goal is to make your shipping experience as cost-effective as possible. Competitive pricing and money-saving opportunities will help you lower your shipping expenses on long-distance deliveries.
  • Manageable logistics and strategies: We work out all the logistics of every delivery, so you can rest assured that each shipment will reach its destination in one piece. We’ll even customize solutions so that they can best meet your needs.
  • Specialized Canada shipments: At Purolator International, we specialize in making cross-border deliveries thanks to our wide network of resources in Canada. As one of the top 10 brands in the country, we value shipping reliability and efficiency.
  • Speedy deliveries: We know how important it is to prioritize speed in business deliveries. That’s why our Purolator International location in Pittsburgh has super fast transit for a wide variety of package types.
  • PuroTouch: We’ll use communication and customer service to make your experience as smooth and simple as possible. PuroTouch will be your contact point for every detail of the shipping process, and our representatives will go above and beyond to make sure you have the support you need.
  • Quality assurance: Thanks to our 97% performance rate, we know we’re equipped to help you create a smart, efficient distribution strategy. Fewer than one percent of our deliveries end in losses or damages, and it’s because we’re committed to excellent job quality.

What We Do for Central PA

Purolator International in Pittsburgh will serve as a source to take care of all your cross-border shipping needs. In addition to lowering costs, our shipping services can extend your reach to many more customers in Canada and around the globe. Whatever your goals are, we have the resources to help you reach them.

Our own reach consists of multiple locations stationed across the United States and two major networks within Canada, which means we can ship goods:

  • Within Canada
  • Within the U.S.
  • Between Canada and the U.S.
  • From North America to almost any international location

Industries We Serve

Our Purolator International location in Western PA caters to the needs of a variety of major industries. Some of the top markets we work with in Pittsburgh include:

  • Technology: If you deliver technology products within and outside of Pittsburgh, we offer a simple, secure option that you’ll want to try. Access to services like PuroPost and Expedited Forwarding will allow you to meet the demands of your Canadian market.
  • Life sciences: Pittsburgh is a major center for life sciences research and innovation, and it’s essential for customers in the industry to receive their shipments on time. Wherever your destination is located, we’ll use Expedited Forwarding and Purolator Express options to help.
  • Aviation: When you need to deliver last-minute shipments within the aviation industry, we’ll have you covered. Our services are dependable and precise, so you can reduce risk and save time.
  • eCommerce: You can gain access to online shoppers around the world with parcel services and Mobile Quick Stop options. Our services apply to a range of products, including high-value goods.

Our Selection of Shipping Options

Purolator International offers multiple shipping services, including:

  • CanadaOne: CanadaOne is your ticket to a more effective Canada supply chain. Save money by consolidating your shipments and trusting our on-time performance.
  • PuroPost: For smaller shipments in Canada and the U.S., you can count on PuroPost and PuroPost Plus for quick delivery.
  • Courier shipping: With Purolator Ground and Purolator Express, you can easily fast-track shipments under 150 pounds to Canada and other U.S. locations.
  • Expedited Forwarding: As our high-speed global option, Expedited Forwarding will allow you to secure deliveries for one to three days, regardless of customer location.

Visit Your Purolator International Office in Pittsburgh

You can grow your business using our intuitive strategies, reliable transportation and wealth of resources. Contact us online today or reach out to your Pittsburgh location for more details.

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