Purolator International Raises the Bar on Supply Chain Management Solutions

Shipping and Logistics Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

There is simply no competing across borders without a comprehensive supply chain strategy. Period. From sourcing to production to transport, to inventory management, it’s critical to design and implement a supply chain that not only maximizes efficiencies, but is also capable of responding to the unexpected.


Purolator International’s team of experts can work with you and your business to develop and optimize your current supply chain to improve efficiencies and enhance your international shipping to Canada. As the experts in Canadian shipping, we focus our attention solely on this complex marketplace. We provide our customers the attention to detail they deserve, so they can receive maximum benefits from doing business within our northern partner.

Seasonal Shipping

Manage peak season volumes. Demand spikes can be logistical nightmares if you aren’t prepared. Our team of logistics experts can help you manage the strain of demand spikes with our global supply chain services.

Merge in Transit

Customizing your product with another supplier, Purolator LTL services combine the pieces of the order coming from different locations so that your customer receives a single delivery. This is a great solution for your high value products with multiple vendor components when demand is hard to forecast.

Just in Time Shipping

When your inventory needs to remain low to minimize overhead, but your business needs to receive its shipments--if and when the need arises--then utilize our Just in Time solution. We can have your goods arrive based on your schedule. We can provide flexible and timely response to your product demand.

Time Sensitive Shipments

Shipment delivery time can have a major impact on how your business serves its customers. During peak business hours, you would not want your shipment to arrive at the store front. And neither does Purolator International. We utilize a time sensitive shipment solution, so that we can serve our customers on their schedule. When you need to receive your delivery, it will be there, not when it is convenient for us.

Shipment Preparation

With our network of Canada/US shipping branch locations across the US, we can guarantee shipments are properly packed and labeled for maximum safety and efficiency during the delivery cycle. Our expertise with the Canada/US border process ensures that all necessary paperwork and Canadian customs requirements will be completed prior to your shipments’ arrival at the border.

Distribution Center Bypass

Our extensive distribution network throughout Canada means that your shipments travel from start-to-finish on a seamless Purolator route. In fact, our network is so extensive, that shipments can usually avoid having to make a costly and time-wasting stopover at a distribution center.

  • DC Bypass can shave days off of a supply chain, and help control logistics costs
  • DC Bypass allows businesses to avoid maintaining duplicate inventories

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