Canadian Truckload Service

Truckload Service is the Ideal Canada Freight Shipping Solution

The First Choice for Shipping to and from Canada

Purolator International’s ground service is designed for businesses with heavyweight shipments that are shipping to and from Canada.

Truckload (TL)

Truckload is your shipping option of choice when your freight is large enough for an exclusive shipment. We have by far, the largest ground fleet in Canada so we can accommodate just about any full truckload freight shipping to, from and anywhere within Canada.

  • Complete understanding of US and Canada laws regarding types of Canada freight shipping and insurance required
  • Logistics expertise to ensure timely and efficient border crossings and destination arrivals
  • No in-transit handling of freight (reduce potential damage)

Contact us at 1-888-511-4811 to learn more about the premier Purolator Truckload Service.