Freight Shipping

PuroFreightâ„¢ Service is the First Choice for Freight Shipping

Purolator International Excels at Bulk Freight Shipments

PuroFreight™ is designed specifically for businesses with heavyweight shipments that are shipping to, from and within Canada. We specialize in U.S./Canada logistics, and offer expertise and unparalleled access to all of Canada — even the most remote regions. And our skills in border clearance processes, are second to none.

Customers have access to Client Portal -- our web-based shipping, tracking, reporting and billing application. You can process and track shipments, create electronic bills of lading, reconcile billing and perform additional administrative tasks. You get guaranteed visibility and transparency every step of the way.

Regardless of service selected, every shipment receives Purolator International’s quality care and guaranteed delivery. Through the air or on the ground, to, from and within Canada, we deliver.

Purolator International: Full service freight options

There are several modes of service available with PuroFreight™ including:

  • Air - Purolator provides the highest level of service on all air freight. It is the ideal choice for high value and time-sensitive bulk shipments. Learn more about our Air Freight Services
  • Ground - Purolator International’s ground service is designed for businesses with heavyweight shipments. Learn more about our Truckload Service
  • Ocean - Navigating the intricacies of Canada freight water transport from oceans to rivers requires local and international knowledge guided by experience and technology. Learn more about our Ocean Freight Service
  • Rail - As Canada’s largest shipping company, we are experts in rail shipping. Purolator has the experience to handle the most complex rail service requirements. Learn more about our Rail Service



Learn more about the market-leading Purolator PuroFreight™ Services by contacting us today at 1-888-511-4811.