Assembly and Distribution Solutions for Exacting Requirements

Expedite Your Shipments When Time Matters Most

Innovation and customization are the keys to getting the most value from your shipping. Let our highly efficient network and logistics experts work with you to create solutions that will add significant value to our shipping offerings. From Assembly and Distribution, to Consolidation and Drop Shipping services, we can further the speed of cross-border Canada/US shipping and reduce costs, while strengthening your relationships with consumers, wholesalers and retailers.


Consolidation Services

To put it simply, we have resources other shipping companies simply can’t deliver. Our extensive US and Canada freight distribution networks enable smaller shipments to be consolidated for faster and more efficient border clearance. And once across the border, shipments are fed into our vast network for seamless delivery to their destinations.

Drop Shipping

Another supply chain option is our comprehensive direct-to-consumer service for all your drop shipment orders. Customized Canada/US shipping tracking and data integration systems offer visibility throughout the entire shipping cycle. So no guessing or wondering, where in the world is your shipment. Customer satisfaction is key to your business. It’s also the key to ours.

  • Integrate directly with manufacturer or fulfillment center to ensure seamless delivery
  • Customized Canada freight programs offer visibility and real-time tracking capabilities
  • Guaranteed service and customer satisfaction

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