Canadian Air Freight

Air Freight Services from Purolator International

Air Service for a Customized Supply Chain

This is where we shine. Our highest level of Canada freight service, PuroFreight Air is the ideal choice for high value and time sensitive bulk shipments. Your business has deadlines to meet and inventory levels to maintain. Our business is making sure your business delivers with flights that fit your needs.

  • Our fleet: 20+ dedicated chartered aircraft
  • Our logistics experts will work with you to accommodate your unique needs, and move your priority freight shipping to, from and throughout Canada. All in the shortest amount of time and at costs your bottom line will appreciate.
  • Charter - special service we offer for often time-sensitive shipments that require privacy, flexibility and a rush schedule.
  • Deferred - we move over 430,000 lbs. of air freight each night and over 100 million lbs. of air freight each year. Our highly competent and accomplished logistics experts provide solutions via a thorough integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, tracking, material handling, and packaging.


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