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Home: Purolator is the leading Canada freight service, with expertise in US to Canada shipping and shipping from Canada or between provinces. Learn about our services, including express Canada/US shipping, Canada freight services, and parcel shipping. Purolator is also the most knowledgeable Canada customs broker, able to deliver freight from Canada or to it quickly. Learn more about the freight shipping company Canada trusts.

Contact Us: Contact Purolator, the most trusted name among Canada freight carriers. Whether you have questions about domestic parcel service or US to Canada shipping, Purolator can determine a solution for you. No matter what you’re shipping to Canada or around the country, our Canadian customs brokers have the expertise to deliver your packages quickly and safely. Ask our educated staff about how the leading Canada freight forwarder can help you make tight shipment deadlines.

About Us: Purolator offers shipping in Canada and shipping to Canada in locations most other Canada freight companies won’t or can’t touch. Our ability to zip through Canadian customs regulations made us the leader among Canadian customs brokers and is the reason we can reliably offer shipping from US to Canada along a number of border routes. When you think Canada freight, think of the people who made shipping to Canada simple: Purolator.

Track: Track your Canada freight or parcel post to its destination with our simple online system. Shipping to Canada has never been simpler; watch your package flit through border crossings powered by the leader among Canada freight companies, Purolator. Our online tracking system shows you where your package is, what its status is, and when it has arrived at its destination. Why leave Canada-US shipping to anyone else? Purolator gets it done right, right on time.

Ship: Shipping from Canada? Shipping to Canada? No matter where you are or what your destination is within the country, Purolator is the first name in Canada freight carriers. Ship with us to learn why most Canadians trust us to handle Canada-US shipping. Whether it’s parcel delivery, LTL freight, or high-volume freight from Canada, we ensure packages arrive on time, every time. Ship with Purolator and see how easy Canada freight can be.

Services: Purolator offers a wide range of services for shipping from Canada and US to Canada shipping. Whether you’re looking for high-volume Canada freight service or smaller Canada LTL carriers, Purolator can help. Our staff are experts at Canada-US shipping, including the hazy realm of Canadian customs regulations. We can get any package or load to its destination on time, every time. Browse our Canada freight services to see for yourself why Purolator is the most trusted among Canada freight companies.

Newsroom: Canada freight leader Purolator is always making the news, thanks to its spotless reputation as the leading Canada freight forwarder. Learn about what we’re doing to keep Canada/US shipping moving faster and smoother than ever before, including our accumulation of accolades for exceptional work as Canadian customs brokers. Once you’ve learned about how much we’ve accomplished, you’ll know you can rely on Purolator for US to Canada shipping.

Terms & Conditions: Please take a minute to review our terms and conditions. While Purolator makes every effort to ensure its US to Canada shipping services are spotless, certain limitations and legal responsibilities apply. Canadian customs regulations or customer requirements can, in some cases, affect our shipping to Canada or shipping from Canada.

Privacy Policy: Purolator, the leading Canada freight provider, maintains a strict privacy policy to protect its customers, employees, and business partners. We understand that Canadian customs information can be extremely sensitive; so can other private data. To that end, we keep all records in complete confidentiality, which is why we’re so highly regarded among Canadian customs brokers.

Holiday Schedule (US & Canada): While we’re ready for shipping to Canada anytime and anywhere, we do have special operating restrictions during certain holidays in both the US and Canada. Customs brokers throughout North America must accommodate both schedules, though we ensure that your Canada freight arrives as soon as possible despite local or national holidays.

Tools & Resources: Purolator, the leader among Canada freight companies, provides a host of electronic tools and resources, including in-depth Canadian customs information on Canadian customs regulations. Learn more about shipping from US to Canada and what makes a Canada freight company stand out. We believe a well educated client is a stronger business partner.

Career Opportunities: Interested in working for one of the most reputable Canada freight companies? Purolator is always looking for top talent to take its Canada-US shipping to the next tier of service. Whether you’re an expert in Canadian customs regulations or are interested in joining our Canada freight service fleet, we want to talk to anyone who can keep us at the top of the US to Canada shipping domain.